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About Stark Fitness

Stärk is a German Adjective, and its meaning: is to fortify, improve & strengthen.

Our mission is to support our members with a healthy, reinvigorating community, and two overriding objectives are to enhance our member's quality of life while promoting a Strength Culture.

Everyone Stronger

Develop Your Strength

For everyone we coach, our mission is to help them develop Mental, Emotional & Physical Strength. Completing their fitness goals.

Strength For Everyone

We believe that every person can be strong, physically and mentally. Strength can be found within yourself if you are willing to dig deep enough for it.

Take Ownership

We encourage members to take ownership of their fitness goals, push past limits, and discover new fitness heights. We will help you become stronger than ever before!


Meet The Coaches

Steven St.Amour Gym Coach

Steven St.Amour

Aiden McCullouch Gym Coach

Aiden McCullouch

Why Train With Us?

We work with you to develop a customized fitness plan tailored to your needs and goals.

Team Fitness Training

Team Fitness Training

At Stark Fitness, we offer an exclusive team training experience. Small Group Training Our small group training classes are perfect for those looking for an intense workout in a small group setting.

Private Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Private personal training services are designed to help you achieve your fitness goals. Lose weight, gain muscle or stay healthy, our certified trainers will work with you to develop a custom workout.

Private Gym Membership

Private Gym Membership

Private gym membership is the ideal option for those who want to have the convenience of working out when they please without having to worry about other people being in the gym simultaneously.

What Equipment Does A Gym Have?

What Equipment is Available?

2 Squat Racks

Barbells, 1000lbs+ of Olympic Plates

Dumbbells, up to 70

Kettlebells, up to 100lbs

Air Bikes

Functional Trainer

Pull-Up & Dip Bars

Belt Squat, Reverse Hyper & Cambered Hamstring Curl

Strongman Log & Farmer Carry Handles

Sprint Sleds

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