High-Intensity Power Building

The quintessential high-intensity, low volume power-building training system coupled with more advanced training techniques.


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What is different in HITPB 2.0?

The Introduction of Tempo Based Repetitions


Tempo refers to the speed at which you perform each phase of 1 repetition. 

How To Read Tempo: 4/3/1/2

ECCENTRIC (4): The first digit refers to the time in seconds engaged in the eccentric portion of the lift (ex: lower the body in a pull-up)

ISOMETRIC (3): The second digit refers to the time in seconds engaged in the stretched-isometric portion of the lift (ex: holding the stretched position in the pull-up)

CONCENTRIC (1): The third digit refers to the time in seconds engaged in the concentric portion of the lift (ex: pulling your body to the bar in the pull-up)

ISOMETRIC (2): The fourth digit refers to the time in seconds engaged in the contracted-isometric portion of the lift (ex: holding your chest to the bar in the pull-up)

The primary purpose of introducing Tempo-Based Repetitions in HITPB 2.0 is to teach our athletes how to think while moving. There are many reasons why Tempo Repetitions are beneficial. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of Tempo-Based Repetitions, please See This Article

The Introduction of Drop Sets

Only to be performed on your Maximal Effort Compound Movement Work Set. After you have achieved failure within the designated rep range,

reduce the load by 20% and quickly perform a second set to absolute failure. This advanced training technique should be used sparingly & should not be performed on more than 2 movements in any given workout. This training technique is best used on your two weakest compound movement patterns.

Each Training Session Will Be Completed With 1 Movement To Build the Core & 1x 400M Run


Banded Chest Fly

Inc DB Bench Press

Deficit Reverse Lunge

SSB Wide Box Squat


Reverse Grip Pul Up

Triceps Pushdowns

Skull Crushers


Seated Shoulder External Rotation

Log Clean & Press

Lying Hamstring Curl

Deficit RDL

Prone DB Reverse Fly

Bridge Row

Wrist Roller

Concentrated Biceps Curl


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