SIMPLE STRENGTH, sumo deadlift

This is an 8-Week Specific Physical Preparation Program designed to gradually build tremendous strength potential in the Sumo Deadlift

Set a 1-2 rep personal record or 5-10 personal record on the last set of each movement prescription.

IMPORTANT: Maintain Your Training Journal

Perform This Program on Friday or Saturday

10 Minutes (IF REQUIRED): Mobility


Coaches Notes:

Set A Timer: E(3:30)OTM For 6 Total Rounds

Primary Movement Total Time: 21 Minutes

Primary Movement Training Time: - Sumo Deadlift (5x5)

Objective: Set A Personal Best 5 Rep Max On Your 6th Set

Rep Scheme: 15(Empty Bar),5,5,5,5,5

Keep A Record Of Each Attempt

Reset Your Timer: E(2:30)OTM For 12 Total Rounds

Accessory Total Training Time: 30 Minutes.

Objective: Strengthen Specific Muscle Groups That Develop Your Primary Pattern

Suitcase Deadlift - 3x6

Bent Row - 12/10/6-8

Reverse Grip Bent Row - 12/10/6-8

Kettlebell Swings - 3x15

Turkish Get-Up - 10 Total Reps

Set Mini Personal Records On the Last Set For Each Movement

5-10lbs or 1-2 Rep PR