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COVID-19 Information

We are excited to open our training facility to include Private Coaching, only. We've introduced new, simple protocols to make your training experience as safe as possible without being overly restrictive. Please take the time to review this information.

NOT FEELING WELL? If you are tired, have a cough or a fever — stay home, please. 

HAVE YOU TRAVELLED RECENTLY? If you have traveled outside of Ontario within the last week, please take 1 week off before returning to our facility. We are happy to provide further instructions for Home-Based Workouts.

ARE MASKS MANDATORY? Wearing masks is not mandatory while engaging in physical activity. You are, however, recommended to wear your mask when Physical Distancing cannot be maintained.

WASH YOUR HANDS. Our facility will have two options for washing your hands: A hand Sanitizer Dispenser near our main entrance & the Hand Wash Station in our bathroom. Please wash your hands immediately before and after training. 

MAXIMUM TEAM CAPACITY. Our classes are capped at 6 individuals to maintain proper physical distancing guidelines & to maintain proper training flow. 

INTRA WORKOUT CLEANLINESS. It is recommended that you (participant) use a Disinfectant Wipe to clean any/all pieces of equipment used during your training session. This can be done when you are finished using your equipment. 

PUNCTUALITY. Each session will begin with a 12 Minute Warm-Up, followed by a 38 Minute Strength Training Program. Each session will be completed at 10 Minutes to the hour. This will provide enough time to perform cleaning before the next team arrives for training. Those arriving early will not be permitted entry into our facility until all previous clients have left. 


MANDATORY HEALTH DECLARATION. Before engaging in any physical activities in our facility, each member will be required to provide a "Covid-19 Health Declaration" -- see below.

Covid-19 Health Declaration

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