High-Intensity Power Building

The quintessential high-intensity, low volume power-building training system


Begin each workout with a 12-15 Minute Warm Up

Optimal Rest Between Workout A & B is 48 Hours

Optimal Rest Between Same Workout is 96+ Hours

What is a Superset?

A superset is a strength training technique in which one exercise pattern is trained, quickly followed by a second exercise pattern without taking a break for rest between the two.


In HITPB you will be supersetting two movements to build the same muscle group. The first movement in the superset is an Isolation Exercise (single joint movement) quickly followed by a Compound Exercise (multi joint movement).

Set|Rep Range For Each Superset

Isolation Movement: 12/10/8

Compound Movement: 6/6/6

The first two sets in each superset becoming progressively more difficult, however, they are warm-up sets. The last set for each superset is a Maximal Effort Attempt in the designated rep range - go to Absolute Failure

Your objective for each workout is to add 5-10lbs to each movement in the Maximal Effort Superset

Two techniques for achieving Absolute Failure on you Maximal Effort Superset:

What is a Drop Set?

Only to be performed on your Maximal Effort Compound Movement. After you have achieved failure within the designated rep range,

reduce the load by 20% and quickly perform a second set to absolute failure.

Whet is a Rest/Pause Set?

Can be performed on both the Maximal Effort Isolation & Compound Movement. After you have achieved failure within the designated rep range, rest 15 seconds and attempt 1-3 more reps. This Rest|Pause Set can be performed up to 3x consecutively.

How Long Do I Rest Between Each Superset?

Set a reoccurring timer for 3 minutes. At the end of each 3 Minutes, perform a Superset. Stronger lifters (50lbs+ set/load increases on Compound Movements) require more rest. Subsequently, you can assume 90-120 Seconds between supersets.

Workout Duration:

36-50 Minutes

Can a Lifter Really Make Substantial Progress Training 2-3 Hours Per Week?

How long does it take for a person to develop a sunburn sitting under the scorthcing sun with no clouds to provide cover?


Yes! of course a lifter can make progress using this program. It really depends on the lifter --How organized are they? Are they using proper form? Are they attempting maximal effort on their working sets & including 5-10lbs Improvements? Are they properly implementing rest|recovery techniques? Every training session must require more effort than the previous. And every rest|recovery day must provide the body with restoration. Training tired will get you nowehere very fast.


Kettlebell Floor Chest Fly

Bench Press

Leg Extensions

Front Squat

Reverse Cable Fly

Seal Row or Bent Row

Eccentric Triceps Pushdowns

Overhead Tricep Extensions


Seated DB Side Raise

Power Clean & Press

Seated Hamstring Curl

Sumo Deadlift

Straight Arm Pulldown

Concentric Pull-Up

Incline Biceps Curl

Concentrated Biceps Curl