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Coaches Insights: Built by Basics Program

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Optimal Reps for Warm Up Sets

Working Sets

Rest-Pause Method

What Are The Optimal Reps For Warm Up Sets

It Depends!

Try 20/15/10 if you have pre-existing injuries or your goal is to improve muscular endurance. If your skill level for the movement requires improvement, higher reps with low loads is also a great prescription.

Try 12/9/6 if your feeling tired and run down. This rep scheme is not so overly demanding of your energy reserves that it leaves you too fatigued for your Working Set.

Try 6/6/6 if your goal is purely strength & muscle hypertrophy. Keep repetitions low will progressing intensity is a great way to consolidate energy for an all out attempt.

Here is an idea: Rotate through different reps schemes for your warm up & identify what works best for you!

All of your warm up sets should progress in intensity. Get a good feel for the movement & load. Nothing should hurt! With each consecutive set you should develop a higher sense of awareness, attention, intention and focus.

Working Sets

You only need one working set to activate internal growth mechanisms. That one set needs to be harder and more intense than the last time you did it! Now, you also need to exhibit complete control over the movement you are performing -- we like a 3/1/Explode/1 Tempo

REMEMBER, Working Sets provide the stress required to illicit an adaptation response -- Too little stress will result in little progress. Whereas too much stress will not result in additional progress, but rather only additional energy deficits. You, dear lifter, must identify how much stress is optimal.

If you set a personal record you learn 3 things!

#1 Your skill level improved. So did your strength!

#2 You've identified the optimal rest days between workouts.

#3 The plan works

Rest-Pause Method

This "Intensifier" can be used on days when you need to force progress. Most times, your lift will naturally progress from the previous session. Sometimes, he need to force it a bit.

For Working Sets Only

Perform As Many Quality Reps As Possible

Rest 15 Seconds, Repeat Lift

Rest 15 Seconds, Repeat Lift

Record How Many Total Reps You Accomplished

Hope these insights help you make progress with the Built by Basics Program!


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