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An almost forgotten special exercise. This movement -- and it's many variations -- provides a tremendous training stimulus that develops wicked strength in the posterior chain, upper-back & core. It also teaches a lifter two important qualities: AWARENESS & RECOVERY.

PREVIEW: GoodMornings build stronger backs. They can also be used to prevent injuries or develop flexibility. Learn why the Goodmorning will take your strength to new heights. This article will also discuss one critical position of the movement pattern & why owning this position will provide the highest carryover effect to other movement strategies.

The Transition Phase

MAIN MUSCLE RECRUITMENT: Brain, Spinal Erectors, Upper Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, Obliques & Abdominals.


In contrast to the Deadlift, which emphasizes both the starting strength & acceleration phases of movement, the Goodmorning emphasizes ECCENTRICS (DESCENT) & ISOMETRIC CONTROL DURING THE TRANSITION PHASE. Why is this so important?

From the standing position, a lifter must Descend or Eccentrically Load the muscles responsible for creating this movement pattern. In doing so, the muscles (primarily the hamstrings and spinal erectors) absorb mechanical energy which is then used as elastic recoil for the next movement phase (Ascend or Stand). The GoodMorning teaches a lifter how to ABSORB ENERGY in a mechanically disadvantageous position.

The descent requires a tremendous amount of intention & attention to the nuances of the loading pattern. In fact, it is safe to say, the descent guides a lifter to ever an ever vulnerable mechanical position. Any lifter that has performed this movement will admit that their AWARENESS peaks in the transition phase. Imagine that! You can use an exercise to train special abilities.

Rep for Rep, studies show that Eccentric based training outperform Concentric based training at building both muscle size & strength.


This is the most important position of the lift, it's where all the magic happens. When the lifter enters this position, the Hamstrings are loaded eccentrically (lengthened). The Spinal Extensors including tendons and ligaments are both stretched & loaded Isometrically. Finally, the Obliques & Abdominals are flexed, creating compressive forces to maintain proper position of the Rib's in relation to the Pelvis, maintaining Intra-Abdominal Pressure.

The Transition Phase poses a mechanical disadvantage in which the lifter must RECOVER.

LEARNING HOW TO RECOVER is a skill & skills need to be practiced.

The ability to recover from technical breakdowns protects one from the risk of injury - this is true of Strength Training in as much as it is true in Athletics & Real Life.


The GoodMorning emphasizes Eccentric Loading Patterns & Control In The Transition Phase. This movement also teaches a lifters two qualities, two abilities that few movement can: Awareness & Recovery. Start using the Goodmorning in your training, we promise your fitness level & strength will reach new heights.

Try working up to 70% of your Squat (5RM) & perform 3 Sets of 8-12 Reps.

Everyone Strönger


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