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THE SHOULDER FIX - Achieving Suppleness

This tutorial was designed to help people how are stuck at a desk, suffering the ill effects of slow death to their Neck & Shoulder Posture. May this short restorative blueprint help you achieve suppleness!

DEAD HANG: 10 Slow Controlled Nasal Breathes

What You Didn't Know

Besides being an epic stretch for the Chest, Upper Back, Intercostals & Core, the Dead Hang provides sensory feedback for you to create alignment of your spine & helps you incorporate your breathe into the stretch. This is important! Owning the capacity to breathe in specific end range motion facilitates the ability to be strong in this position. Additionally, the Dead Hang Strengthens The Hands. We've never met a man who had shoulder issues while owning a strong pair of hands. But! We have meet many many many people with shoulder issues while also having a poor grip.

RUSSIAN POOL CUE: Perform 6-12 Each Side

What You Didn't Know

This movement is a great mobility drill to help "floss the nerves" in the Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder & Neck. What is "Nerve Flossing?" Think of it this way: When muscles begin to hold tone, they can begin to to create compressive forces that irritate nerves. These gentle dynamic stretches is a simple way to help "glide" or free up the nerves that innervate specific muscles.


What You Didn't Know

The Seated DB External Rotation trains two very important muscles in the shoulder girdle: the infraspinatus, and the teres minor. These two muscles are the only muscles in the entire upper body that perform an external rotation of the humerus – the upper arm bone. Along with the Trapezius & Rhomboid Muscles, these muscles create postural improvements in people who have the overemphasized Rounded Upper Back + Shoulder posture.


And there you have it! Three movements to help you improve shoulder posture & achieve suppleness.

How many rounds should you do? The Answer: THINK FOR YOURSELF


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I could not understand why I have no strength in my hands! Now I do. Thank you for posting this, as I have major neck and shoulder issues. Susan

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