Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Advice on how to rebuild your fitness level, fast.


Small incremental improvements applied to multiple processes, which, when added together will provide transformidable progress. This is the Principle of Marginal Gains, and it is a very powerful tool to help you make big time progress in a very short period of time. Here are five ways you can implete the Principle of Marginal Gains to your daily habits that will foster & promote your training inside the gym:

1/ Reduce Alcohol Consumption. Pick the days of the week when you will drink. Set a moderate limit of how many drinks you will have on those days. And set aside at least three days each week when you will not drink.

2/ Improve Digestion & Food Assimilation. Try 10 minute walks after each meal.

3/ Buy Sleep! Adding an additional 30 minutes of sleep at night will have to come from somewhere (late dinner, friends, work, tv, phone), but imagine the benefits! 3.5 Hours of additional rest every week will help you at work, with your family & will have dramatic benefits to strength and energy levels.

4/ Micronutrients Are Important. In particular: Sodium, Chloride, Potassium, Calcium & Magnesium. Firstly: research the Recommended Daily Allowence for each of these Micronutients. Secondly: review foods (and include them as your food source) that provide a good amount of each of these Micronutrients. These micronutrients promote cellular function. If your cells are happy and strong, you will be happy and strong.

5/ Improve Sleep Quality. Sleep quality depends in large part to how much sunlight your skin and eyes are exposed to on a regular basis. The best piece of advice we can give you: spend 20 minutes everyday using a strentching/mobility program, outside, under the sun, socks off, in the grass. If feeling healthy, vibrant & strong is really that important to you ... well you will make it happen.


Let us compare a post covid training plan to the Negroni, shall we?

1 Part Sweet Vermouth (sweet)

1 Part Campari (bitter)

1 Part Gin (spirit)

Shake Over Ice

Garnish With Orange Peel

This is how you make the Negroni, now your training plan:

1 Part: NeuroMuscular Priming (sweet)

Warming up before trainining is completely underrated, undervalued, often carelessles planned & most often poorly implemented. Warming up, prior to training, does not need (nor should it) take longer than 20 minutes. In another article we will provide further insights on how best to prime your Neurology & Muscles for Strength Training.

1 Part: Primal Movement Patterns For Full Body Strength (bitter)

If you know anything about Negroni's, the bitterness stands out. Primal Movement Patterns Must Stand Out In Your Training. What are they? - Squat, Lunge, Hinge, Pull, Loaded Carries, Rotations, Push ... and we will add: Sprints. Without the Campari, the Negroni doesn't exist. It could get a little bitter training the Front Squat, Vertically Pulling Your Body Weight Up or Walking 100 Meters in Farmers Carry, but these are the movements that have the biggest upside for Strength Potential. Campari is irreplacable. So to are these movements. So if you can't own the positions of these movements, you know where you need more work (spend more time at sweet).

1 Part: Accessory or Muscle Building (spirit)

Train the Pattern first, then build the muscles responsible for creating the Pattern. Gin lends to the Negroni that subtle elegance, that smooth crisp "mtahhhh," but it will also kick you in the face if you dont drink responsibly. And so too: using repetition method to build the muscles responsible for creating movement. If you over do it, you will suffer. If you do it just right, it will leave you hungry for just a little more. Thats the beautiful thing abut the Negroni: it stimulate your appetite. Your workouts should to the sam. Stimulate the desire to do just a little more next workout (5lbs or 1 reps, thats all you need to make progress).

Shake Over Ice

Shake the Negroni until your glass feels cold to the hand & develops a bit of frost. This part of making the Cocktail infact has no sympolic comparison to training, other than maybe ... CONSISTENCY? If are keeping things simple, you will construct two workouts: A & B. You will train every other day alternating Workouts. 36 Hours of Rest will exist between Workout A & B. 72 Hours of Rest will exist between Workout A and A. Optimal for safe-quick progress.

Garnish With Orange Peel

Ability to smell is a window into parts of the brain related to core functions, like pleasure, emotion, and memory, to see, a little earlier, a sign that problems are happening - Jayant Pinto

Garnishing the Negroni with an Orange Peel is like keepng a Training Journal. Everything should be recorded. 1% Improvements applied to each lift, every workout. If progress stalls, you now can trace back the problems. If things progress, you now can trace back why. Say and think what you may, but numbers do not lie.

We hope this article has provided you with insights to consider before going back to training. Of course, it's all based on principles. There are no specific details on what you should or should not do. This is up to you & up to your coach. If you do need help with developing a specific program, we are accepting Private Clients.

To that end, Drink & Train Responsibly

Everyone Strönger

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