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Heart, Lungs, Wrists, Calves & Abs

Perfect General Physical Preparedness Program for a Sunday Workout!

The Workout

Air Bike Tabata

8x 20s (Work) / 10s (Rest)

Complete 3-5 Rounds. Rest 3 Minutes Between Rounds

Wrist Roller

3 Warm Up Sets, 1 Working Set

Goal: Set a 2.5lbs PR

Tibialis Raise, Superset Standing Calf Raise

3 Warm Up Sets, 1 Working Set

On your working set, you want the repetitions relatively low. Somewhere between 10-15 total reps to failure.

Reverse Squat

3 Warm Up Sets, 1 Working Set

This movement should be a staple in your program. Reduces the risk of lower back injuries and will unlock athletic potential!

Try this workout for 4 consecutive weeks with the goal of setting personal records. Don’t be surprised if your main lifts see improvement as well!

Everyone Strönger! 👊🏻😝

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Trevor Ellis
Trevor Ellis
24 juil. 2022

Thanks for sharing this! I want to give it a try.

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