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Progressive Overload, key to your success

Sadly, too many people go to the gym to frequently, workout for too long, train too hard & see only marginal improvements from month to month. Lack of progress is the number one reason why fitness enthusiasts yo-yo and eventually quit altogether.

We don't want you to yo-yo, and most certainly do not want for you to give up on your goals. Keep gunnin'!

We've created a short tutorial on 4 progressive overload methods you can use in your training to amplify the imposed demand placed on your muscles.

INTRODUCTION to progressive overload


Perform as many technically profecient repetitions as possible, rest 15 seconds. Repeat 2 more times. Keep track of the total number of repetitions performed.


Simply increase the total number of profreciently executed reps.

UNICORN method (it won't happen often)

Increase both Load & Reps


Perform a heavy load for 6 repetitions.

Decrease load by 20%, perform 9 repetitions.

Decrease load by 20%, perform 12 repetitions.

Basic, not easy.

STRETCH after your working sets. This will help restore your muscle fibres to its natural length and will promote the ability of your tissue to uptake nutrients.

Finally, there are other ways to keep making progress! Don't overlook progressing the QUALITY & CONTROL of your repetitions. A low hanging fruit, often overlooked but incredibly important, is the ability to maintain MECHANICAL TENSION THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE STRENGTH CURVE.

We hope this information helps you discover renewed zeal for progressive training plans. Prioritize strength! You only have so much time to cultivate this quality. Keep working hard -- if you need any help, reach out to us!

Everyone Strönger


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