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SIMPLE STRENGTH, tough times

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

This is 6 Week General Physical Preparation Plan to keep muscles flexible, joints mobile & you … ANTI-FRAGILE.


FOUNDATIONAL MOVEMENT PATTERNS. This plan is built on two very simple, yet sinister movement prescriptions: the KETTELBELL SWING & TURKISH GET UPS

AUXILARY MOVEMENT PATTERNS & VARIATIONS. For each one of the following auxilary movement patterns, according to your strength/skill level and available equipment, you must choose 1 Movement from each of the Patterns: these movements can be performed with one kettlebell, one dumbbell, one barbell, or your own bodyweight. Movements are listed from most technically advanced to least technically advanced.

Squat Pattern

Single Legged Squat

Front Rack Bulgarian Split Squat

Front Rack Lunges or Step Up

Front Rack Squat

BW or Goblet Squat

Pull Pattern

Wide Grip Pull Up

Chin Up

Seal Row or Bent Row

One Arm Row

Bridge Row

Push Pattern

Handstand Push Up

Overhead Press




CORE TRAINING. Again, keep it simple — but! Keep it Sinister. For each of the following prescriptions, according to your strength/skill level & available equipment you must choose 1-2 movements to end your training session with. Movements are listed from most technically advanced to least technically advanced.


Suitcase Carry

Plank Variation (Baby Get Up, Side or Toes Plantar Flexed)


Kettlebell Windmill

Reverse Salamander

Flexion & Extension

Toes To Bar or Leg Raise

Inch Worm or Sit to Stand

SIMPLE STRENGTH is a scalable GPP program. What does this mean? — The movements (21) listed above are appropriate for individuals at every fitness level & minimal equipment is required. For example: if you select to use Push-Ups as your Accessory Press Movement; you can regress the intensity by performing them on your knees or increase the intensity by elevating your feet. — Think for yourself.

To help you further understand, this is a list of the equipment I have available:

Pull Up Bar

Dip Bar

2 Kettlebells Each — 8KG/12KG/16KG/20KG

These are my Movement Pattern Selections I have selected:

Squat Pattern — KB Front Squat (2x20KG)

Pull Pattern — BW Chin-Ups

Push Pattern - BW Dips

PROGRAMMING, THE PLAN. Every session will begin with you walking your block. This will help you reframe your mind for your upcoming training session. Now that you have shaken the dust from your feet, perform 5-10 minutes of any of the Mobility Programs that is attached within this document. Now, you are ready to train!


10x10 Kettlebell Swing

10x Full Turkish Get Ups

Squat Pattern - 5x5 KB Front Squat

Core - 3x1Min Suitcase Holds


10x10 Kettlebell Swing

10x Full Turkish Get Ups

Pull Pattern - 5x5 Chin Up

Core - 3x8 KB Windmills


10x10 Kettlebell Swing

10x Full Turkish Get Ups

Push Pattern - 5x5 Dips

Core - 3x8 Toes to Bar

A NOTE ON KETTLEBELL SWINGS. If 10x10 is boring, try the following options:

5x10 + 1x50 or 5x10 + 2x25 or 1x100. Personally, I will be doing 100 One-Handed KB Swings Per Side within a 10 minute period. Count that up - 600 KB Swings Per Week.

A NOTE ON REST INTERVALS. Don't rob the intensity of your next set by starting the set out of breath! Use the sing test as a guide. Start the next when you have recovered enough to sing your favorite song. For Axilary Movement Patterns, you can rest up to 3-5 minutes between sets. This having being said, if your training session takes longer than 45 minutes ... your wasting time, wasting time. Increase your intensity.

TESTING YOUR STRENGTH. The plan is structured in such a way that the volume builds up over a 6 week period. In Week 7 you can deload (3x3 on Accessory Movements) and in week 8 you can test using the AMRAP (as many reps as possible) method!

In my case, for instance, I will test the KB (2x20KG) Front Squat, BW Dips & BW Chin Up on the same days I would normally train them in week 8 — attempting to hit as many (perfect) reps as possible! I just tested my best Rep Max on Chin-Ups & I scored 5.

TUESDAY | THURSDAY & SATURDAYS. Are for Cardiovascular Training & Mobility.

MOBILITY. In order for you to express your greatest strength potential, your joints must move freely! There is absolutely no shortage of mobility programs online. IG Influencers are stuck at home figuring how they can regurgitate the same content, but make it look sexier. We’ve seen it all: here is the best SIMPLE-GUIDE that we have come across thus far. Another favorite, and what I will be using daily is this Effective Mobility Program

CARDIOVASCULAR TRAINING. Start with 10 Minute Walks after each meal! If on rest days you want get your heart thumbing, find a hill to run up (Multiple Times). The only other recommendation I’m comfortable making are: Sprints.

FINAL WORDS. We have some tough times ahead of us. In the interim, put your hand to this program & reap its benefits. In case you didn’t notice, with the 21 Movement Variations I provided you with you can build out a template for the next 40 Weeks. Simply follow 6 Weeks of Hard Training, followed by 1 Week of Deloading (3x3). In Week 8 you test the movement using the AMRAP (as many reps as possible) method.

I’ll personally be starting this program on Monday, March 30th. Video content on how to perform the movement prescriptions will be posted to our WEBSITE HOME PAGE. Be sure to contact us if you need help!


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