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The Turkish Get-Up

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

A heavy Turkish-Get Up is "corrective" -- movement symmetry, strength & neurological coordination are on full display. It stimulates all three senses: vestibular, ocular & proprioception. The king of locomotion under load. It is to be practiced with intention & attention.

Simple Strength Standards

70lbs Male & 35lbs Female

Sinister Strength Standards

100lbs Male & 50lbs Female

Turkish Get Up
do the thing & you shall have the power - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Going forward, the Turkish Get-Up will be a staple in our warm up routines. A total of 5 repetitions per side is all you need to awaken your senses and promote stability, mobility, balance & strength. Your over-reaching goal is to perform one Full Turkish Get-Up with the Simple Standards before moving onto the Sinister Standard. How can you make rapid progress?

Option #1 - TGU Ladder - perform 1 rep each side, adding weight (5-10lbs) as you perceive the movement becomes easy.
Options #2 - Straight Weight - perform 1 rep each side with 50-80% of your best TGU lift for 5 total sets.
Option #3 - Max TGU's For Time - perform as many repetitions as possible in a 10 minute time period using either a TGU Ladder or Straight Weight

To help you understand & learn the TGU Movement we have put together 3 resources for you to review:

Turkish Get-Up RESOURCES



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