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Strength Secrets: Recovery

Preview: In this short article we provide 2

Insights that help boost your recoverability.

Insight #1

Stretch after every training session.

This 7 Minute Stretching Routine is easy to implement post workout.

Here is the common sense behind stretching post workout: when you contract your muscles, the muscles remain in the shortened position for sometime after training, coupled with the build up of lactic acid and other metabolites that will interfere with muscle recovery.

Stretching assists the muscle to return to it's natural length, remove metabolic waste & it also promotes Parasympathetic Neural Activity (rest & digest) priming the cells to absorb food.

Insight #2

Strategically use Carbohydrates & Salt to replenish Muscle Glycogen.

According to exercise physiologist David Peterson; At a moderately steady pace of exercise, one can metabolize blood glucose at 1 gram per minute or 60 grams per hour.

If true, RETURN WHAT WAS USED immediately post workout. This is how you do it:

1/4 Cup White Rice = 36g Carb

1 tbsp Honey = 17g Carb

Now here is the magic sauce: add 1g Salt & 15g Whey or Collagen Protein.

What you have here is: 53g of Carbohydrates (a combination of Glucose to restore Muscle Glycogen & Fructose to restore Liver Glycogen), 1000mg of Sodium that will promote Hydration & 15g of Amino Acids that will promote recovery.

60-90 Minute Late eat a meal.

Use this insight only after Intense Training Sessions or on days on which you have multiple physically demanding events.

There you have it. These are two very simple recovery tips that will take your fitness next level.

Stretch after you workout.

Ingest simple carbohydrates, amino acids and salt.

Try it for yourself.

Report back with your own insights.

Everyone Strönger

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