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What your training journal teaches you about recovery …

Review this sample training log …

Barbell Back Squat (Buffalo Bar)

Aug 1st — empty/95/145/195/245x5

Aug 5th — empty/95/145/195x15

Aug 10th — 2C+/95/145/195/245+2Cx5

> 2 Chains = 85lbs (425lbs Volume improvement from Aug 1st)

Aug 15th — 3C+/95/145/195/245+3Cx1

> 3 Chains = 125 (1280lbs Volume decrease from Aug 10th, despite it being an intensity PR)

Coaches Notes: 5 days recover does give enough rest days to fully recover & super-compensate to the degree that the lifter should train maximal effort attempts (1-5RM).

Total sleep hours between:

Aug 1st — 10th = 63

Aug 10th — 15th = 35

It appears that 63 total sleep hours between maximal effort attempts provided this lifter a higher degree of RECOVERY & SUPER-COMPENSATION compared to 35 hours.

Now of course, this is only a small sampling size & there can be many other forms of stress that may have effected this specific lift — BUT! What if the lifter maintains the same training schedule and this same pattern continues to appear?

Now the lifter, can use this information to make adjustments to their training intensity & frequency so that their body is in a constant state of FULL RECOVERY & SUPER-COMPENSATION before engaging in strenuous exercise.

Imagine that! 9 days recovery between the same workout yields better strength results than 4 …

The lifter who trains to frequent with the same intensity & volume often suffers from the Law of Accommodation

What patterns are you seeing in your training journal? Message us!

Everyone Strönger


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