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RAIL System — Shoulder Prehab

Do you suffer from Shoulder Pain?

Take Action!

What is the RAIL System?

We learned the RAIL System from Dr. Perry Nickelston -- it's a method used to help treat myofascial (muscle + fascia) restriction causing you pain and decreased performance.

Release Muscle

Activate Muscles

Integrate Muscles Into Movement Strategies

Lock In Relationship

Using The Rail System For Shoulder Pain


Watch this video to learn how to Release your Chest, Biceps, Traps & Neck Muscles. Also included here is a quick overview of how you can use Applied Isometrics to gain access to your Shoulder Extensors & Internal Rotators!!!


Watch the following video to learn how to Integrate the changes we've made; our goal here is to create greater Shoulder External Rotation -- which is very important to help with postural alignment of Arm, Shoulder & Ribs.

Coaches Notes

Perform 2 Sets

6-8 Reps Each Movement


Watch the following video to learn how to LOCK in the new relationship we've created! What relationships are we talking about? -- Well, we've RELEASED our Internal Shoulder Rotators & ACTIVATED our External Shoulder Rotators. Now, we need to LOCK in these changes. Our favourite exercise to do this is the Turkish Get Up -- This is a modified version.

Do You Need Help?

Are suffering from Shoulder Tightness & Pain, we can help you recover. Ask for help.

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