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The Shoulder Fix

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Sitting is an Orthopedic Perfect Storm. The amount of time people spend hunched over their Smart Phone or Computer is unprecedented. Environment & Behaviour Directly Influences Posture. As in the case of this Muscle Imbalance, a Neurologically Overreacted Pec Minor Protracts your Shoulder Blade & prevents the Mid Trapezius from Retracting it back into it's proper position.

The issue doesn't stop there. An overly reactive Pec Minor also downwardly rotates the Shoulder Blade which is opposite to the function of the Lower Trapezius (upwardly rotate). Often, because they share insertion points the Biceps become HiJacked and the Lats are out to lunch.

That’s what we get for all of this Sitting, Computer & Phone Usage. If you are desk-bound, you owe it to yourself to stand up and stretch every so often.

In this video, I teach you how a simple 4 step approach you can use to get shoulder pain under control by creating a balance between the Pectoral Muscles & the Mid-Lower Trap Muscles.

The RAIL Reset

Release: Fascial Restrictions in the Front Arm Line Using The Scorpion Stretch

Activate: Mid-Lower Traps using WTY’s

Integrate: The Latissimus Doris using the Phoenix

Locomotion: Lock in this changes by performing a baseline body movement of compression on the shoulder like a modified pushup.

Perform 2-3 Rounds, Reassess Pain


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