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Why Am I So Tired?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Fatigue is a symptom.

(read this again)


PREVIEW: I’m this article we will discuss three reasons why you are so tired & what you can do to fix the problem.

Why Am I So Tired?


What You Don’t Know

The amount of bright light (sunlight) your eyes receive in the morning (and throughout the day) + the absence of bright light the eyes receive at night, TOGETHER directly impact the duration & quality of your sleep.

Something To Think About

It wasn’t only until the mid 1990’s did synthetic melatonin become available as a nutrition supplement. Just as computers & smartphones were ushering in a new way of hosting attention. Is this a coincidence?

What You Can Do

The sun and moon play a vital role in regulating natural circadian rhythms. Synchronize your eyes to their light exposure. Start your morning by taking a 10-20 Minute Walk in the sunlight. When the Moon appears; put your phone on AirPlane Mode & reduce the amount of artificial (computer screens) light your eyes are exposed to.


What You Don’t Know

Your Basal Metabolic Rate — the number of calories your body utilizes to perform basic life sustaining functions (Heart Beat, Cell Production, Breathing, Body Temperature, Blood Circulation, Nutrient Partitioning).

Something To Think About

What do you think? — Will a person, who habitually consumes less energy (calories) required to maintain basic bodily functions, feel tired or energetic? No PHD or Doctoral Degree Required

What You Can Do

Identify how many calories your body needs to sustain basic bodily functions (BMR). Now, use a BALANCED NUTRITIONAL INTAKE so as to meet that demand: try 35% Protein, 35% Carbohydrates & 30% Fat

An Example

275 Male — BMR=2500kcals

35%P = 2500 x .35 = 875/4 = 218 GRAMS

> 4 units of energy (kcal) in 1 gram of protein

35%C = 2500 x .35 = 875/4 = 218 GRAMS

> 4 units of energy (kcal) in 1 gram of carb

30%F = 2500 x .30 = 750/9 = 83 GRAMS

> 9 units of energy (kcal) in 1 gram of fat

This is how much energy that a 275 lbs Man requires to sustain Basic Bodily Functions.

218g of Protein & Carbohydrates + 83g of Fat


What You Don’t Know

Salt is critical for hydration.

What You Should Know

SODIUM IS NOT THE ONLY ELECTROLYTE (mineral) responsible for hydration. Potassium, Chloride, Magnesium, Bi-Carbonate & Calcium are also important. To be rather honest, all Minerals play important roles in maintaining cellular function. But! Let’s just focus on Sodium. What is the Daily Recommended Intake? — 2300mg

Something To Think About

Sodium conducts electricity. The human body is an electric system. Especially true of the Brain. An electrical system with poor conductivity … we’ll you get the point, right?

What You Can Do

Start my managing your sodium intake. Meet the daily recommended intake. Here is a simple but effective way to start your day — Wake up, Drink 500ml Water + 1/4tsp of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt + 1 Lime, Go for a 20 Minute Walk.



Fatigue Is A Symptom — Poor Sleep, Habitual Malnutrition & Dehydration contribute to fatigue. Take control of the situation by controlling light exposure, consuming enough calories to satisfy basic bodily function & supplement with a little bit of sodium.

There may be additional reasons why you feel tired. These are common contributing factors to fatigue. If you need help improving your energy, contact us. We want to help you.

Power To You!

Stärk Fitness


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