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Naturally Increase Testosterone (Article #2)

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Preview: This article serves as a quick guide to help men take their health serious & naturally increase testosterone levels. In Article #1 we highlight 3 High Impact Strategies to help you get started. Let's now consider 3 more. #thetestosteronefix


Supplement With Early Morning Sunlight

Meet The RDI For Magnesium & Zinc

Eat Cruciferous Vegetables


We strongly recommend starting your day by walking 30 minutes every morning. For a couple of reasons:

Firstly, a number of studies indicate that Direct Sunlight Exposure increase sex steroid levels in men. Vit D itself supports testosterone production because there are vitamin D receptors on every cell in the glands that release testosterone.

You can learn about the connection between Direct Sunlight and Testosterone Here

Secondly, and maybe even more importantly, Early Morning Walking improves Sleep Quality. The issue for a lot of people that request our help is they are waking up tired, too often. Why? Well there are a lot of reasons that contribute to this. Perhaps the most comon reason is too much stress. Walking, especially performed early morning, mitigates stress response. The direct sunlight on the retina synchronizes circadian rythym, promoting optimal sleep + wake cycles.

Sleep is CRITICAL for Testosterone Support. Learn about Hormones & Sleep Here


Meeting Magnesium RDI is important because of it's ability to regulate stress response & converts Vit D into it's active form. And as we already noted there are Vit D receptors on every cell in the glands responsible for Testosterone production.

What is the RDI for Magnesium? In our humble opinion, poorly recommended. Too many people are Magnesium Deficient. And because of the rise in Heart Disease, Increased Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity & Osteoporosis we recommend Supplementing with 400mg of Magnesium.

What about Zinc?

Zinc is necessary for the activity of over 300 enzymes that aid in metabolism, digestion, nerve function, and many other processes. It's important, actually Zinc is essential.

Too much Zinc is toxic. However, too little Zinc is also dangerous because of it's important role in immune function (and if the Covid Pandemic taught us ...).

Adequate Zinc enables peak function of your cells’ testosterone receptors, while downregulating estrogen binding.

200g Beef -or-

A couple Oysters Daily


Cruciferous Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts help the body metabolize excess estrogen, which opposes testosterone and has a feminizing effect on men when it is out of balance.


Here are a few more helpful suggestions to improve your Testosterone profile:

Limit your alcohol intake, spare your liver. Your liver needs to be healthy in order to optimize fat metabolization & detoxify excess estrogen out of the body.

Eat plenty of healthy fats such as Fish, Avocado, Nuts & Olive Oil. Fats improve absorption of Fat Soluble Micronutrients like Vit D, A, K & E.

High Intensity Strength Training. Exert yourself vigoursly & keep your workouts short (45 minutes).

Attempt to compress more work in the same amount of time. Make it competitive! Competition increases Motivation, Motivation Testosterone.

We've provided you with 9 High Impact Strategies to help you create a healthy internal environment to optimize natural Testosterone output. Time for you to begin implementing them.

As always, if you have questions leave them in the comment box below.

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